Not even an hour after the polls opened in America, some Muskegon Township voters were told they'd have to come back later.

Several voters at Precincts 5 and 6 tell WZZM 13, they were told they had filled out the wrong ballots.

Muskegon Township Clerk Ann Oakes says poll workers became aware of the problem when the ballot reading machines refused to accept the first few ballots at the precincts. Oakes says this is because the machine recognized that it was the incorrect ballot.

Township election officials investigated the problem and realized the ballots for Precinct 5 and Precinct 6 somehow got switched. At that point, they stopped giving out additional ballots, and delivered the correct ballots to the correct polling places.

Some voters, including Robert Stone, waited until the correct ballots were delivered and then voted on a second ballot. Their first ballot was marked as spoiled.

However, some voters were not able to stay. So, their ballots were put into a locked box.

Clerk Oakes says poll workers will have to mark a duplicate ballot tonight, for each of the incorrect ballots. She explains that is a very specific, detailed process that is monitored by both a Republican and Democrat poll worker.

The precincts involved are located at Orchard View Community Education Center and Grace Christian Reformed Church.