A Grand Rapids woman has been trying to get an absentee ballot for her 90-year-old mom for the last few weeks.

Now just days away, she's still waiting.

Dannee Mayhue still remembers her first time voting with her mom.

"I was sick my first time voting, she didn't care she got me to the polls," she said -- it's a passion for politics that continues on decades later.

"Every time a commercial comes on, it jogs her memory: 'I don't have my ballot yet. When am I going to get my ballot?'"

A question that still lingers, three days before the election.

"We filled it out and my mom signed it. I put it in the envelope to mail back to the city, and I had noticed some time had gone by I called the city to find out why they hadn't set my mom a ballot yet," Mayhue said.

Mayhue says the city told her they never received the first application for an absentee ballot, so they faxed her another, she had her mom sign it and faxed it back. She says she then reached out to Grand Rapids City Clerk, Darlene O'Neal.

"I called her to make sure the signature was clear for her to see and she said everything was fine and the ballot was mailed this past Tuesday," Mayhue said. "So here it is now Friday, I've been checking out at Pilgrim Manor where my mom lives and they have not received it yet either. My concern is how many other people are going through the same thing that I'm going through with my mom not being able to get her a ballot."

We reached out to the Grand Rapids City Clerk's office on this matter, and they declined to do an on-camera interview.

When we asked the United States Postal Service if they have seen any recent issues with absentee ballots, they provided this statement saying, in part:

"There has been no real issues in Grand Rapids area regarding absentee ballots. … The Postal Service routinely handles large volumes of mail. No additional staff is needed to handle the volume of mail that is currently coming through our system. We work closely and swiftly with municipalities to deliver ballots to those customers they identify as not having received a ballot requested. The Postal Service will continue to serve our customers as best we can to assure all mail is delivered promptly."

After WZZM 13 received that statement, we did get a call from another Postal Service official who says they will be working to do all they can to get to the bottom of this.