Local representatives respond with mixed reviews to President Trump's ordering of airstrikes in Syria.

President Trump ordered a cruise missile strike against Syria early Friday local time in retaliation for the chemical weapons attack that killed 86 people on Tuesday, according to the Pentagon.

The attack, the first conventional assault on another country ordered by Trump, comes a day after he declared that the chemical weapons assault had “crossed many, many lines,” including causing the deaths of 27 children.

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Representative Justin Amash called the response unconstitutional on twitter, saying "Airstrikes are an act of war. Atrocities in Syria cannot justify departure from Constitution, which vests in Congress power to commence war."

While Representative Bill Huizenga took to Facebook to support the president's decision.

"President Trump's decision to take decisive and targeted action against Syria is the leadership the United States must demonstrate," Huizenga said. "Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against defenseless men, women, and children which is absolutely unacceptable. The world must stand against this evil."

The missiles, fired from a U.S. Navy vessel in the Mediterranean Sea, struck multiple sites, including the airfield where Syria based the warplanes used in the chemical attack, a Defense official said.

Tom Vanden Brook contributed to this report.