Following the Trump administration's announcement on Tuesday to start winding down the Obama-era immigration program, DACA, and some lawmakers in West Michigan began sharing their responses.

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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder provided this statement:

We are the best Michigan when we are a diverse Michigan -- one that is made up of people whose stories and journeys are not identical. One path to success and prosperity looks different than the next, which should be celebrated and encouraged. Many are working toward success under the existing DACA, and for the certainty of their future Congress should act quickly to authorize and clarify their status.In Michigan we will continue to honor everyone's journey who has become part of our family of 10 million people, and remain the most welcoming state in the nation for immigrants and dreamers seeking prosperity, a home and a community that is accepting of their family and their desire to succeed in America.

Congressman Bill Huizenga, representative for the 2nd Congressional District:

The only way to achieve concrete and lasting immigration reform is for Congress to formulate and pass bipartisan legislation. It is my hope that both Republicans and Democrats will rise to the challenge and focus on crafting solutions that move us forward instead of engaging in rhetoric that is geared toward dividing our nation. No matter how well-intentioned, by choosing to act unilaterally President Obama exceeded his constitutional authority when he created and implemented DACA. The Constitution is clear; the power to make law resides with Congress, not the President

Congressman Justin Amash tweeted a response to Trump's DACA decision on Tuesday:

Congressman Dan Kildee shared this statement:

The Trump Administration's decision to end DACA is heartbreaking. DREAMers grew up in the United States, brought here by their parents through no fault of their own, and we cannot turn our backs on them. They have registered with the government, pay income taxes and give back to the communities they live in. America is their only home.

DREAMers make significant contributions to our economy. Nearly all DREAMers are in the workforce or in school. Our economy stands to lose hundreds of billions of dollars annually if these individuals are deported. This is not a partisan issue; business leaders and Republicans have joined Democrats in speaking out in opposition to ending DACA.

Congress can and must act to fix our broken immigration system, including passing legislation to protect DREAMers. I have previously sponsored legislation to provide a permanent solution for these children to stay in America, become citizens and continue contributing to our country. Speaker Ryan should immediately act on legislation protecting these children from deportation. Congress failing to act will mean that Republicans are just as much to blame as President Trump for this cruel and un-American policy.

Democratic Candidate for Michigan Governor, Abdul El-Sayed, also shared a statement:

Imagine being told that you had to leave the country of your childhood - the place you grew up, went to school, and built your life. That is what Donald Trump and his administration are telling undocumented Americans who were brought here as children by repealing DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals). This repeal will tear apart the lives of over 800,000 innocent people because of the choices of adults who brought them here as children. It will deprive them of a path to documented citizenship and a meaningful shot at the American dream. Repealing DACA stands against our deepest American ideals.I oppose in the strongest terms the repeal of DACA without a meaningful pathway to citizenship for those it affects. As Governor, I will fight for meaningful immigration reform, and I vow to oppose any use of state resources to enforce federal immigration policies that are, at best, incoherent, and at worst, heartless. As a child of immigrants, I know how much the American dream means to so many -- and I will not deny it to my fellow Americans, documented or not, who contribute to the fabric of this country.

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