A bill for a new Michigan flag design has been proposed Wednesday, Nov. 9, to the state Senate.

The bill, introduced by Sen. Steven M. Bieda, D-Warren, proposes enacting a flag commission, who will control a state flag design contest.

According the the bill, the current state flag design will stand until Dec. 31, 2018, but beginning Jan. 1, 2019, the flag commission will choose a new design based on submission to the design contest.

To ensure that the most credible parties are a part of the flag commission, Bieda's bill proposes the commission consist of various people, including: professional artists, state appointed historians, representatives from the art and design programs from colleges and universities across the state.

For a full list of who could be a part of the commission, visit the Michigan Legislature's website.

The design submission must meet two criteria: be an original work of the person submitting, and the reverse side has to be a mirror image of the front.

According to the bill, the flag commission will accept design submission from Jan. 26, 2018, until July 26, 2018.