A Grand Rapids Community College Professor gave a lecture, open to the public, on why some people might side with one political party or another. Dr. Frank Conners, who is also the Psychology Department Head, recognizes the polarizing divide in the nation and believes the first step in bridging the gap is understanding why one party resonates with certain people.

Staying "party neutral" throughout the lecture Dr. Conners dove into the biology makeup, personality traits, and cultural experiences that makeup why a person may side more with one party over another. He says the first step is empathy.

"Understanding is always the beginning in bridging those gaps. So if you understand why the other side thinks the way they do, organizes information, maybe has different motives or goals. That's the way we can maybe start to bridge that gap. It's not serving us well as a nation," said Dr. Frank Conners, Chair of Grand Rapids Community College's Psychology Department.

This lecture launched the 2016-2017 Psychology Speaker Series, click here for dates and more information on upcoming lectures.