Every four years, people threaten to move to Canada if their favorite candidate isn't elected as president.

This year might have the most threats -- so much so that realtors in the Grand Rapids area are getting in on the action. Signs were spotted on the East Beltline at 5 Mile Road saying a realtor can help you sell your house if you're planning on moving to Canada following November.

The Canadian ambassador to the U.S. didn't have a lot to say on the subject Wednesday, Oct. 12, during his visit to Grand Rapids, however, he said he, as well as Canada, remain comfortable working with America in the future.

The Ambassador of Canada to the United States addresses crowd at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids.

"When asked, which I am frequently, about my opinion about the election I have made this very definitive comment I'll reiterate," ambassador David MacNaughton said. "We have full confidence in the American people, and we will work with whoever is elected.

"That's my story and I'm sticking with it."

He mentioned the election a few times in his speech, always staying neutral, and getting a few laughs from the crowd.