Remember when people thought it might be funny if Donald Trump ran for president? John Oliver does.

The Last Week Tonight host dedicated one last segment of his show to the 2016 presidential election, and like many other celebrities, he made an impassioned plea for his viewers to vote. Because the election is not a joke, even if he thought it was back in 2013.

Oliver played a clip from his time guest-hosting The Daily Show in which he downright begged Donald Trump to run for president because he thought it would be a great gag. He tries to come up with an explanation or an excuse in the present, but he's got nothing.

"But I have been spectacularly wrong before," he added, before showing another Daily Show clip where he said the Chicago Cubs would "never, ever" win the World Series.

Come, on John.

Oliver spent the second portion of Last Week Tonight diving into Multilevel Marketing companies ... aka pyramid schemes, with some help from Jane the Virgin's Jaime Camil.