Some local businesses are making the most of a controversial presidential election, asking customers to pick their choice for president in a unique way.

One involves cookies and the other, your pet.

At the Chow Hound in Cascade Township, there are Hillary Clinton pet toys and Donald Trump toys. So far, the poll is even, but the Clinton cat toys were sold out. What does that mean?

Well, the store manager said it's entirely up to you.

We also got an update from Ryke's Bakery in Muskegon for its ever-popular cookie poll. At first, Trump had a good lead. Then, after the first debate, Hillary took the lead.

"We do this in good fun," Adam Bell said. "We're not trying to make a political statement, we're just trying to add a little fun and help people express their preference and get behind a candidate in a fun way and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time."

There are plenty of cookies to go around, and they are made fresh daily at Ryke's.

At Chow Hound, the Clinton and Trump toys are in all the stores, but the poll is not -- it was the clever idea from the manager at the Cascade Township. store.