ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he's now winning in both national and key swing state polls.

Speaking to a crowd in St. Augustine, Trump cited an new poll by Investors Business Daily showing him with a two-point national lead.

"Just in case you haven't heard, we're winning, not only Florida but we are going to win the whole thing." Trump said.

"The new poll that just came out from Investors Business Daily which was the most accurate poll from the last three presidential elections has us up two points nationwide." Trump told the crowd.

The Investors Business Daily poll is a daily tracking poll. Trump cited Sunday's results, where as Monday's poll had the race a dead heat.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls between October 21 and October 23 has Democrat Hillary Clinton leading by just under six points, though a new poll by Rasmussen also has Trump leading by two.