The vice-presidential debate seemed to be more issue-based ranging from topics like Syria to racial inequities but there were a few social moments you may have missed Tuesday.

1. Declaring a winner a little too early

Of course the Republican National Convention would declare Governor Mike Pence the debate winner, but it was a tad awkward to post a blog about it hours before the thing even started. The RNC took down the post but at the end of the debate had a statement saying, "Mike Pence decisively won tonight's debate."

2. Where am I again?

Governor Mike Pence forgot where he was Tuesday night, thanking Norwood University for the hospitality. He was half right. The debate's location was Longwood University. Of course, a fake Norwood University twitter account emerged shortly after and even started tweeting news organizations.

3. Will you stop talking already?! #indecipherable

How much do I want to interrupt thee? Let me count the ways. Is there an actual count on how many times Kaine and Pence interrupted each other? At one point, CBS moderator Elaine Quijano said, "Gentlemen, the people at home cannot understand you when you speak over each other."

4. Donald Trump live tweets and it's mostly uneventful

Twitter hasn't been Donald Trump's friend lately, but he still took to his favorite medium to show the world he was watching the debate. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly quipped that Trump would be surrounded by his team and controlling his tweets like "Kellyanne's got the thumbs..."

5. "You whipped out that Mexican thing again."

It seems as if the line to remember came in the last part of the debate. Governor Pence struggled to defend Trump over his comments that Mexicans were "rapists" and people "who bring crime." When Senator Tim Kaine said those comments show who Trump is, Pence seemed to respond out of frustration with, "You whipped out that Mexican thing again."