"My thoughts are we have to begin the healing process," said Senator Gary Peters.

As Senator Peters looks back at this election he recognizes it's impact, but he is looking ahead.

"We don't function well as America unless we function together and find common ground," Senator Peters Said.

With the Republicans taking control in Washington, Senator Peters said he's ready to put their differences aside and work for the good of the people.

"I'm hoping over the next few months, certainly something I'm very committed to, is reaching out across the aisle to build consensus on things that we can all agree on," said Sen. Peters.

With democracy being the foundation of our country he also expresses the care, we as people, need to provide for the institution.

"We need to understand there are two very important parts of democracy… One we have to have free and fair elections. People should be able to be aggressive in who they support, passionate about their ideas, and have vigorous debate. You can't have a strong democracy without that," said Sen. Peters.

Something a lot of Americans have used on both sides of this election. Then, the other side.

"That is when the election is over, the election is over. Now you have to begin the process of governing. Governing requires people coming together and finding out that even though we have differences, what do we have in common?" Senator Gary Peters asked.

With the unrest in a lot of cities around the USA Senator Peters chooses to focus on the positive.

"Let's start focusing on what we have in common so we can solve problems together," said Sen. Peters.