The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital celebrated it's grand re-opening in a ceremony attended by the Michigan governor.

The event was highlighted by the announcement of the new name for the recently constructed hospital, The Bernedine Keller and Barbara Hoffius Center. The celebration also included the dedication of a time capsule honoring Mary Free Bed's 125th anniversary.

During Snyder's visit to Grand Rapids he cut the ceremonial ribbon, spoke highly of Mary Free Bed, and answered questions concerning the presidential election, as well as his recent lawsuit.

The Governor wasn't thrilled with Donald Trumps comments about women stating, "Trump's recent remarks were both revolting and disgusting with respect to women, but I've stayed out of the whole presidential election. It's just a huge mess."

He continues to target the states progress.

"My focus has been on the state House races. We've done so many great things in Michigan and I want to work hard to maintain a Republican majority in the house, because look at the progress, look at the comeback of Michigan. Let's keep it going,"

He added that the craziness of Trumps campaign could possibly make things difficult for Republicans running in local and state elections. Concerning his own current issues, including the lawsuit he's facing, the Governor is staying positive.

"I was working in the capacity as Governor, so that's official business. We're just going to keep moving forward," he said.