James Mckinney has lived in Grand Rapids for 55 years, he didn't vote for trump but said he gives him credit.

"He made it into office, everyone said he wouldn't and he got there," McKinney said.

Mckinney also credits the low unemployment rate to Trump.

His biggest concern: "Trump does not like black people."

Another man, who asked to remain anonymous in fear of harassment, said he gives no credit to Trump for the current state of the economy.

"He inherited everything, and now that he's taken out all these regulations, all the big businesses and banks are doing well -- just a matter of time before he destroys the world."

He also called Trump a repugnant liar.

Jamie Richards, a young woman who recently returned to the States after a two year mission trip to Mexico, said she has noticed how tense everyone appears to be under the Trump administration.

Her sister-in-law is from the Ukraine, currently fighting deportation.

"She's not a terrorist. She has two little boys, she's married to my brother -- there's no reason she should have to leave," Richards said.

Even so, Richards said she understands why there is such a divide on immigration reform.

"I don't agree with everything he does. Like in my heart I think everyone should be able to come to America, and this should be a safe place... But there are other people who fear terrorism and danger. So, how do you really come up with a good solution, it's such a difficult topic."

Richards said she is trying to understand gain perspective especially during a time where there seems to be little peace between those of differing opinions.

"I don't agree with those people, but I also don't have a better solution."

Just 20 minutes away in Hudsonville, people seem to be pretty pleased with Trump's performance.

Dean Hassevort, a handyman from the area, said Trump has been good for the working, middle class.

"I think he's done a lot of good things, especially for the economy. Stock market is strong. Pretty positive overall," Hassevort said.

Several shop owners reiterated Hassevort's sentiment, which came with little surprise based on Hudsonville's predominantly conservative voting history.

Charles Hekman grew up in Grand Rapids, but he now lives in Hudsonville. He said he's pleased with most of Trump's work so far, especially the tax bill.

"He's done what he said he was going to do, or at least made a really good effort," Hekman said.

But across the board, there was on thing everyone could agree on: less tweeting from the President.

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