Hundreds of people flooded the streets of downtown Grand Rapids late Saturday evening for the second #notmypresident rally in just a matter of days.

While many took to the streets to protest against the president-elect, supporters of Donald Trump were also in the crowd.

"I feel like its a disgrace," said Rachel Chiaramonte, a Trump supporter. "Donald Trump was fairly voted President, there's no reason for people to be rioting and protesting."

Like Chiaramonte, some in attendance of Saturday's rally feel that protesters need to accept the results.

"I feel like a lot of these people, they truly don't understand what they're out here doing," Eusevio Cruz, a man against the protest, said. "I think people should accept it for what it is."

But protests say it is they're right, and they're not willing to accept Trump until he takes back things he has said in the past.

"We're not here to reverse the results, we know that's not going to happen," said Vanessa Flores, a protester. "We're here to tell him to denounce the hate, so we can move on. We can't move on until he does that and the protest will go on until he does that."

Protest Jon Alderink adds: "It would be nice to repudiate the awful things that have been happening and say 'that’s not ok' and he hasn’t done that yet.

"As a world leader you want him to be active on something like that and say, 'That’s not OK.'

WZZM 13 spoke with an officer just minutes after the protest, the officer said it was a relatively peaceful night with no arrests.