Despite the warmer than normal temperatures, crews across West Michigan are busy preparing for the winter season.

The Kent County Road Commission updated their plows this year with green lights that will flash when they are doing maintenance.

“It really helps the motorist distinguish between everybody else who’s running amber lights and a road authority,” said Jerry Byrne with the Kent County Road Commission.

Plows normally drive at speeds between 20 to 25 miles per hour and drivers are asked not to pass on their right because some plows have additional wings or blades that help clear the roads.

Private companies are also balancing their fall service with winter preparation. Mark Donaker, owner of All Season Lawn Care, says they normally have all their plow service booked out by Nov. 1. But the nice weather has delayed his business by about 20 days.

“‘We love the weather, we can’t complain about that,” said Donaker. “But it would help… if we were on the same schedule as what we normally are.”

Donaker expects that once the winter season hits, his team will make up for time and any money lost.

“I think by the time winter starts we’ll definitely make up for it,” Donaker said.