The Department of Transportation along with the FAA announced an emergency order to ban all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from all airline flights.

This comes after about 100 reports of these cell phones overheating and catching fire. Previously, the FAA urged travelers to not turn them on or charge them while in flight. One traveler we spoke with blames Samsung for the mess.

"One of the guys on the plane had a Samsung so they were scared, they were like 'hey do you have a Samsung phone, I don't want to sit next to you.' I'm disappointed in Samsung for making something like that, they should have tested it before they released it and apparently they recalled it and it's still having issues, so that's pretty said," a traveler said.

The travelers we spoke to at the Gerald R Ford Airport acknowledge the inconvenience, but believe it's necessary in order to ensure the safety of passengers. The cell phones are not allowed in a carry-on or inside a checked bag. The ban is now in effect for all airline travels in the United States.