Doug Vander Fliet, a Sandy Pines Recreational Community member, said he and a friend discovered a frozen cat inside one of the campground's traps on Thursday, Jan. 25.

"I just heard her scream and she said give me your phone I gotta call 9-1-1," Vander Fliet said.

Vander Fliet and several other members check the various traps at Sandy Pines frequently, he says, because they noticed the public safety officers were not.

However, the director of public safety at Sandy Pines said their officers did nothing wrong and are cooperating with the sheriff's department.

Captain Kuhn of the Allegan County Sheriff said they responded to the call on Thursday evening, and are now conducting a criminal investigation into the incident.

Kuhn says he hopes to have the investigation turned over to the prosecutor's office within a week or so.

Mel Brummel, director of public safety at Sandy Pines issued the following statement:

On Thursday, January 25 allegations were made about animal cruelty regarding the park’s efforts to manage the feral cat population.

The allegations are not true. The Sandy Pines Public Safety Department is working with the Allegan County Sheriff's Department, Administration and Animal Control to complete the investigation.

Further details will be provided when the investigation is complete,


Mel Brummel, Director of Public Safety.


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