Prom season is no longer just for the young.

The Summit at First Hill, a senior living facility in Seattle, held its third annual Seniors' Senior Prom for its residents Sunday night.

At this dance, you'll find an all-ages crowd. That's because the facility paired seniors with millennials, encouraging inter-generational friendships.

"Seeing our residents interacting and sharing stories with the volunteers from The Tribe is what makes this a truly special evening," said Alyssa Bobman, Director of Volunteer Services, The Summit at First Hill. "Our residents love the opportunity to connect with the younger generation, and it's always rewarding to see the lasting relationships that are created by this event."

The Tribe is a group of volunteers in their 20s and 30s from Temple De Hirsch Sinai. The group also transformed the first floor of The Summit into a dance floor. This year's theme: A Night on Broadway.

The facility is home to 150 residents. The average age is in the mid-80s, but the oldest resident is 103.