A family of Somalian refugees received quite the surprise when a group arrived at their home ready to gut and makeover their home.

A group from the Presbyterian Church of Barrington, Illinois connected with Bethany Christian Services to locate a family who could benefit from their services.

Bethany Christian representative, Rhonda Fitzsimmons, said their organization has been working to find other ways of helping resettled families in the area, since there is less of a need to help settle incoming refugees.

In the span of four days, the group of 12 teenagers and 6 adults are transforming the family's home entirely. John Dawson, one of the adults in the group, is a builder and enjoys doing these missions trips. This is his sixth project, but he said it is definitely the largest project their group has done.

The family of seven will receive new floors, an air conditioning and a washer and dryer as part of the home remodel.

The family said they are so happy and thankful for everything both the church group and Bethany Christian Services is doing for them.