The final frontier is the latest addition to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. A new 12,000 square foot exhibition called "SPACE: A Journey to Our Future" is now open at the museum. It's one of the largest touring space exhibits ever developed. Today students had the chance to try out a lunar module simulator, visit a simulated base camp on mars, and see what living in the tight confides of a shuttle would be like. Teachers were excited for their classes to gain the experience.

"The space exhibit itself allows them to see, maybe, where we've been, some of our highs, maybe some of where our lows are, and where people in the government are trying to push forward to, and where they're trying to expand in outer space. It gives them a chance to look back at when where we've been and our accomplishments and why people are pushing forward with the NASA program now," said Tyler Harfst, a social studies teacher at Comstock Park High School.