A judge ruled a teenager, facing two charges of second-degree murder for leading police on a chase that ended in a deadly crash, will face trial.

Kentwood District Court Judge William Kelly heard testimony Friday, May 19 from witnesses in the case against 17-year-old Alejandro "Alex" Torrez.

"First I saw thought it was a shooting star or something like that and once I realized it was a car I realized it looked like it wasn't going to stop for the intersection," witness, Troy Wilson, told a courtroom on Friday.

Michigan State Police chased Torrez for six miles before Torrez, who was 16 at the time, slammed into a car at 52nd Street and Broadmoor Avenue SE around 10 p.m. Saturday, March 11, 2017.

The crash killed the passenger in Torrez's car, 15-year-old David Torrez and the driver of the other car, 21-year-old Tara Oskam.

Airbag data collected from Torrez's car revealed the 17-year-old was driving 105 miles per hour about 2 seconds prior to impact.

"It does jump to 116 at about 3/10 of a second prior to the impact," MSP Sgt. James Campbell, said. "Then it reduces back to 107 at the actual impact," he said as he looked at the data.

The impact was hard enough for Oskam to be ejected from a car even while wearing a seatbelt.

"There was no breaking applied to the vehicle at all," Sgt. Campbell, said.

Information that led the Kent County Assistant Prosecutor to argue the case needed to be bounded to trial.

The defense argued Torrez did try to slow down and maneuver around a few cars so he shouldn't face these charges, but the Judge says that simply wasn't enough and found probable cause to send this case to trial.