Pushback from Grand Rapids citizens caused the City Planning Commissioned to table a waiver of 91 percent of required on-site parking Thursday for an incoming restaurant on Michigan Street.

Third Coast Development owns the property, which will open on the 700 block. The waiver would only require the developer to have four of the 47 parking spots it initially needed.

Third Coast owns another lot about 500 feet east of the proposed restaurant and said patrons would park there. Many residents lobbied against the waiver. They said people would still park on the street by the restaurant, limiting parking at their own homes and clogging up the area even more.

"I go Michigan to Grand almost every single day, and it's dangerous," said Samantha Searl, who lives nearby. "It needs to be fixed before any of this, or any more of this, happens."

This is in an effort to make a denser, more vibrant area, not to make it less safe, said Max Benedict, principal at Third Coast

"There are growing pains, and this is one of them. And we heard some people speak out about that. But the vast majority of people are in favor of this, and I'm just hoping that they can show up at the next meeting."

The City Planning Commission told Third Coast it should look into a possible valet as a solution to the complaints. There will be another public hearing on the development in a few weeks.