SAVANNAH, Ga. -- A firefighter has died after attempting to save several people who fell from a collapsed ramp into the Savannah River on Saturday.

The incident happened off of River Street where, WSAV reports, a ramp collapsed into the water.

As many as 55 people were involved and 30 injuries reported. Of those 13 were hospitalized. Sadly, it was during the rescue attempt that a firefighter, later identified as Michael Curry, perished in the line of duty according to Savannah Fire Chief Charles Middleton.

The exact cause has not been released, but officials told the local NBC affiliate that Curry suffered from an apparent medical condition.

Ambulances arrive along the cobblestones of River Street to triage patience after a ramp collapse that injured at least 30 people in Savannah, Ga. on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016.

Curry was rushed to Memorial University Medical Center but officials later confirmed his death in the afternoon.

WSAV reports that there were no other critical injuries.

River Street is a common tourist attraction in Savannah, Ga. -- a city of about 247 miles southeast Atlanta.

Several boats dock along the edge of the Savannah River in the same area.