Numerous concerned parents have sent messages and called WZZM 13 about a possible threat to Tri County High School.

The rumors included an alleged "kill list," so WZZM set out to Verify what actually happened.

Tri County Superintendent Allen Cumings and Michigan State Police Trooper Mark Fisher, who investigated the incident, spoke with us.

The superintendent said the school learned of a conversation about instances of school violence. He said one student mentioned other students' names in a way that someone found threatening.

The school district and MSP both investigated and found no actual "list." The superintendent said the district took disciplinary action against the student involved. MSP Trooper Fisher said no actual threat was made, and his investigation was closed.

On Friday, Superintendent Cumings sent a letter home to parents that stated, "It was determined the student statement was not a viable threat to our Tri County students, staff and community."

So, we can report the rumors shared with us about a direct threat are not verified.


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