A new nonprofit agency has launched in West Michigan to serve more than 800 children currently in foster care. West Michigan Partnership for Children CEO Kristyn Peck joined us to talk about the impact WMPC will have in the lives of children. She shared information on how the public can get involved and what makes good foster parents.


  • We need volunteers, mentors, and foster parents to help us ensure our community’s kids are safe and have supportive and nurturing homes.
  • Many of foster kids have siblings, and we need foster parents who are interested in fostering siblings so we can keep them together.
  • Foster parents play a crucial role in allowing birth parents time to address situations that led to the removal of children
  • Volunteers can help support foster parents with driving children to appointments and ensuring they have the resources and supports they need
  • Mentors can be a positive role model to a foster youth
  • You can visit our web site-- wmpc.care, or send us an email-- info@wmpc.care to learn about how you can help support our community’s kids


  • Foster parents play a critical role in providing safe and nurturing homes for children and as partners in the child’s permanency plan.
  • Foster parents are a part of the treatment team for the child with the goal of family reunification for the child, when safe and possible
  • Foster parents undergo training on trauma and the impact of trauma on behavior.
  • Great foster parents have a healing mind-set and understand the youth’s behavior through a trauma-informed lens

For more information, please visit wmpc.care