Veteran Jacob Watkoski served in the U.S. Marine Corp and was stationed in Afghanistan until 2012. When WZZM 13 asked him about his thoughts on the President's tweets, he said he doesn't think the President should have that kind of authority.

Watkoski said Congress should be the ones to vote and determine a decision on the transgender policies of the military.

"If you are transgendered, you should be -- anybody should be allowed to join the military because if you want to serve, then why not allow you to serve," Watkoski said. "But I don't necessarily feel that it should be funded to get a sex change because that doesn't have anything to do with your physical health, like with being healthy to serve.

"But I don't agree that the transgenders shouldn't be allowed to serve, why tell someone that they're not allowed to serve because of a certain sex that they want to be," he added.

The WZZM 13 Facebook page has more than 200 comments about the President's ban.

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