It's that time of year again, snow plow season.

"It's winter time in Michigan, we all know how tough it is," Westsider Chelsea Riley said.

Riley does her best to keep the rules in mind.

"After 6 p.m., say it's an even date, I'll park on the side so that I'm on the right side, right side of parking," Riley said.

Which is exactly what the city asks you to do.

"One of the slogans we like to use is think ahead before you go to bed, so before you go to bed, what is the date for tomorrow so if it's odd date, you want to be able to park on the odd side of the street," Grand Rapids Public Services Director James Hurt said.

Still, Riley's car was snowed in during last week's snow fall.

"All of my neighbors were parked on that side but I was technically on the right side of the road, and yet I still got plowed in," Riley said.

The city said unfortunately, that can sometimes happen.

"We do plow cars in, the snow has to go somewhere and it does pile up next to cars, if you're following the rules and you do get plowed in, that's unfortunate," Hurt said.

"Where are you supposed to - are you supposed to be mindful of that 1 a.m. the next day for parking or do you park on the side that everyone else is parked on?" Riley said.

The city advises that you should still follow the posted signs.

"I think people just really do need to mindful about the parking regulations and the times. If everybody can adhere to that, I don't think it would be a problem," Riley said.

The city said they make sure the streets are cleaned up within 24 to 36 hours. If you do see your neighbors parking on the incorrect side of the street, you can file a complaint with the city or call police.

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