Western Michigan's football program continued its historic season with the most recent win against Northern Illinois.

Head Coach P.J. Fleck -- like man coaches -- takes things one game at a time, which seems to be working for the Broncos this season as they reached bowl eligibility, 6-0, as quickly as possible. However, Fleck isn't paying much mind to that.

In his mind, the program has bigger accomplishments to tackle.

He calls them "nevers" -- including beating a ranked team for the first time, having back-to-back seasons and beating two Big Ten teams in the same seasons.

The Broncos finished last season accomplishing 21 things never before done by a Western Michigan football team. With nine "nevers" under their belt already this season, Fleck says this is just the beginning.

"Six wins means nothing in our program, no offense, with all due respect I should say," Fleck said. "Because, a few years ago we hit six and that was all your focus.

"Oh we got a bowl game, we won six, which I appreciate, but again six-wins isn't our goal."

With eager eyes, Western Michigan looks ahead to this weekend's matchup against The University of Akron.