Friday Night Lights.

For some communities it means more than just football.

For Montague and Whitehall, it is a year's worth of bragging rights for the two towns across the bridge from each other.

That rivalry has made it our Game of the Week.

There are three teams in the league that seem to have separated themselves from the rest and right now the Montague Wildcats stand tall over all.

237 points scored to just 21 given up, they ride into the Battle for the Bell at 4-0.

The Wildcats' toughest test so far this year will clearly be against Whitehall and this is the barometer the Wildcats will be able to measure themselves with as they hit the second half and the playoffs.

As for the Vikings, their only trip up this year was a 3 point loss to Kelloggsville opening night since then they have gone three in a row through conference opponents.

The Wildcats have looked unstoppable but a Vikings win quickly puts the Vikings in the driver's seat of the conference.

But of course, when a rivalry has run for more than a century, the standings don't matter, there's no need for any more motivation.