This week's Meijer Scholar Athlete is Nathan Stephens of Lowell.
A three sport athlete with a 4.23 GPA.

Right now, he is prepping for the regional finals as a running back linebacker for the football team, he is a state champion in wrestling and will go to Harvard to play his best sport, baseball.

Stephens joins a long line of Red arrows going on to compete in the Ivy League and for him it's exactly where he wanted to be and hopes his hard work keeps the pipeline going.

"When I was looking at schools I didn't want to pick a school for the next four years of my life but the next 10 years of my life and I think Harvard's going to be a fantastic place for that I'm excited for the opportunity," says Stephens, "I think it helps that a lot of our better athletes are going to places that are higher up on the education scale it inspires other students to work hard and I think if they are leaders on the football field and also leaders in the classroom that's great for our community."