Comstock Park got the win defeating Sparta 35 to 16 Friday at home.

Comstock Park Q-B Chase Brown starts the game with a pass to Jo Jo Whitley and he is on fire tonight. Extra point is good 7-0.

Next run, Brown with the hand off to Whitley and he just walks it right in for a touchdown, extra point makes it 14-0.

Sparta is ready to get their name on the board, Comstock Park starts with the ball but Brown back the pass.

Sparta brings the blitz, Brown tries to throw it away and it goes right into the waiting arms of 73, Anthony Post. He takes it all the way down the field for the Spartan's first touchdown of the game. 14-7

Sparta has the ball again, Jakel Davis sliding it into the endzone for the touchdown. But it's a no go on th extra point, 14-13.

Here's the duo again, Brown with the pass to Whitley, he brings it up the side for his third touchdown. Extra point makes it 21-16.

Comstock Park again, looking for Hunter Spence...who brings the ball in for a touchdown. 28-16.

Comstock Park Wildcats win the game with 35 points, Sparta ending with 16.