Last season was a rough one for the Grand Rapids Union football team. The Red Hawks didn't win a game.

In fact, they only have four wins in the last eight seasons.

There's no panic on the sidelines though because head coach Rick Angstman says everything is right on schedule, it's just going to take a little patience.

"When we came in we said we have a five year plan, this is year three," Angstman said. "By year five I'm hoping that all the promises that we made come to fruition. Hang with us, I think we're going to be more competitive and more fun to watch than we've been the last couple years."

Depth is the biggest change for Union. The offensive line is two-deep for the first time under this coaching staff and there's more competition and wide receiver and cornerback.

Quarterback Dayton Lee and center Cody Garrison will lead the offense while Rafael Austin will be a defensive leader at cornerback.