Coopersville couldn't be happier to start a new football season. The Broncos 1-8 record in 2016 was their worst record in 50 years. Now the team has a new leader ready to rebuild the program.

Ed Kaman isn't just in his first season at Coopersville, but it's his first season as a head coach after 15 years as an assistant, most recently with Sparta and Comstock Park.

"We're talking a lot about making championship choices, instead of 1-8 choices," Kaman said. "We have to make the right choices to be successful in everything we do. So we're trying to change that culture and become tougher every single day."

Broncos players are embracing the new message from their coaches and hope it pays off his season. The senior class is ready to lead, especially lineman Noah Steffes.

"We have a lot more positive attitude coming into the season even though we had a bad season last year, we're still looking forward to this year. Hopefully it can be a good season."