Irv Sigler III knew he got a later start than he would've like so he planned to quickly make up for lost time.

Sigler was named head football coach at Wyoming high school on June 20th and the first thing he did was meet with returning players and tell them that they could count on him to get them where they want to be.

The players loved the message and they've hit the ground running in fall camp. The Wolves offense will look very similar to last years Wing-T attack, but there will be a few wrinkles added to keep defenses honest.

"Sigler's playbook has a lot of opportunities," said senior tight end Shaun Dewent. "He opens up a lot of passes, a lot of runs. Things are a lot smoother now. Easier, too."

The Wolves say they have developed a much stronger bond than they had a year ago and every player has bought in to the new staff. Senior fullback Ricardo Mulero says it's because everybody has faith in this coaching staff.

"He (Sigler) makes us want to go 120 miles per hour. Compared to last year, I feel the biggest difference is that Sigler WANTS to be here with us. He wants to teach us. He wants to be a Wyoming Wolf."