The Bengals have had just one winning season in the last seven years, and after bottoming out at 0-9 last fall in head coach Christian Verley's first season at the helm, they're ready for the long climb up.

Verley said the had to strip everything down to the foundation last year so Ottawa Hills could start over.

Numbers are up this year and team chemistry is better than ever, which the Bengals expect will lead to more wins

"This season we're way more confident ," said do-it-all senior Jaier Harden. "We're way ahead of where we were last year and I feel like we're ready to go into game one and get a win."

Repetition and discipline are the two main concepts for the coaching staff. They want their players doing things over and over until they become second nature.

"We come out here to compete and be a team," said Verley. "We're not just coming out here to put on a good show, we're coming to win."