Godwin Heights and Kelloggsville have never had a showdown as big as this one.

"To be in a game like this, the atmosphere its going to be packed," says Godwin Heights head coach Carleton Brewster, "it's going to be huge."

Both 5-0, both tied for the OK-Silver lead, both programs rejuvenated and add in homecoming festivities for the Wolverines, a lot is on the line Friday night.

"Everybody's saying this is the biggest game of the year so we are just locked in focused," says Godwin Heights quarterback Su-Su Davenport.

"This is a huge game," says Kelloggsville head coach Don Galster, "What are we two or three miles apart? It's a rivalry that's been going on for 52 years our kids know the importance of this week and we're ready to go."

This showdown was foreseen, both programs brought back a ton of talent from last year's teams.
Certain stars to key on heading into the matchup like the Wolveribe's quarterback Su Su Davenport.

"Just keeping him in the backfield making him throw the ball and get outside of our contain and just containing him," says Kelloggsville linebacker Thomas Griggs.

"They had one good receiver last year but they are spreading the ball around a lot better their quarterback has escapability," says Galster.

For the Rockets all eyes are on the wrecking ball known as Griggs.

"Thomas Griggs." says Brewster, "He's a beast. I call him Marshawn Lynch. He's a very hard physical runner so with him we just have to swarm to the football."

"Close in space and that's what we got to do. Close in space and tackle him," says Godwin Heights linebacker Jamar Bennett.

For the first time in rivalry history these two are undefeated at this late in the season. With a top heavy OK-Silver, they know the spotlight will be on their field Friday night.

"It's the biggest game on this side of town," says Galster, "So we gotta live up to our potential and they do too."