This week's Meijer Scholar Athlete is Alona Blackwell of East Kentwood.

The super sophomore is leading the Falcons to the state semi-finals Friday, March 17, and working hard in the classroom with a 3.4 GPA.

While it seems like we are always calling her name during Falcon highlights, her teachers are always calling her name as well as she says her secret to success is to stay focused on a goal and ask the questions that get you there.

"I like it because my dad used to play and he wanted to go pro but he couldn't so I want to do it for him," says Blackwell. "It's really important because I want to go Division 1 basketball so I have to have a 3.5 to get there.

"I just work hard and focus and I ask a lot of questions in class to get things."

Congratulations, Alona!

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