This week's Meijer Scholar Athlete is North Muskegon's Emma Berends.

The junior Norseman is a perfect 4.0 student in school while balancing soccer and volleyball during the school year.

Along with her high school work, she is dual enrolled at Muskegon Community College so when she graduates with her diploma, she will also be receiving her Associate's Degree.

She plans to use that head start on college to study pre-med and eventually get into osteopathic medicine.

The medical field is highly competitive but also collaborative, much like what Emma has seen on the volleyball courts and soccer pitches.

"Team atmosphere just gets me no matter what, having 11 girls on the field and the other teammates behind you knowing what you are going through, it keeps me coming back, it's just a great atmosphere to be in," says Emma, "Part of sports is coexisting with other people even if they are technically your opponent and playing fair and going after 100% no matter what nut still being fair about it."