Summer is the time you can find a camp for almost any sport. Kyle Visser is a product of Forest Hills Central. After his high school career he played four years at Wake Forest before turning pro. Visser has since played all over the world including wrapping up his Europe career in Germany.

He's hosted the Kyle Visser Post Play Camp for six years now, and is thrilled to give back to his community.

"I just try to teach things they're probably not getting from their own coaches," said Visser. "There's basketball all over the world, and everyone plays a little it differently. There's advantages to all these different ways."

Campers will leave with more knowledge of the game, sports nutrition advice and experience with a professional strength and conditioning trainer.

"He's not one of those mean coaches, he's one of those nice coaches," said camper Will Kowalewski. "He wants everyone to learn."

For more information on the Kyle Visser camp click here.