Forest Hills Central hasn't beaten Lowell since 1999.

But also in that span, the Rangers have never started 5-1 on the year.

So if there was ever a year to snap that streak and take control in the OK-White, our game of the week may be it.

After back to back two win seasons, coach Tim Rogers says this is the closest team he has had in his five years at FHC.

The Rangers are coming off a muddy, rain soaked shut out of Forest Hills Eastern last week at Fifth Third Ballpark.

A one point loss to Greenville is the only blemish on the record so far but in the OK White this year, as it has in most years, the conference goes through Lowell.

As for the home team in this matchup, Lowell is unbeaten this season and their 6-0 record also has them on top of the ok white, tied with the Rangers so Red Arrows coach Noel Dean expects a difficult matchup, particular on defense because the FHC offense has quite a few weapons.

But with the way both teams are playing, Dean expects there could be a rematch down the road.

Kickoff is set for 7:30 at Lowell.