Michael Rapaport didn't make any friends in Cleveland when he visited for Game 3 of the NBA Finals last week.

Rapaport shouted, "It's over!" at Cavaliers fans during a taping of "Undisputed" on Fox Sports. Later, Rapaport showed up to the game with a broom in hand.

But for some reason, Rapaport is still trying to troll Cavaliers fans, and things have taken an odd turn.

Best recognized for his role as Phoebe's boyfriend on "Friends," Rapaport is a New Yorker who seems to have some jealousy issues. That's understandable, considering his New York Knicks had an embarrassing 31-51 season plagued by drama.

Following his antics last week, Cavaliers fans on Twitter poked fun at Rapaport and it carried over into the weekend. Some of Rapaport's tweets are too vulgar to share, but here is a sampling:

Things got really weird when someone changed Rapaport's Wikapedia page to say he was "murdered by Cleveland Twitter" in 2017.

And then, Rapaport posted this bizarre clip of himself in the shower:

As things progressed, they got personal, with Rapaport making threats against some fans in a podcast.

Things got even more personal when Rapaport's podcast co-host posted one fan's address and offered money to fans to vandalize his home:

Rapaport also allegedly posted a photo of the fan's children amid the threats. That alleged tweet has since been deleted.

Stay off the stuff on my kids there, class act. https://t.co/kLiUz5JBvm

— McNeil (@Reflog_18) June 11, 2017