SEATTLE -- Another week. Another Richard Sherman penalty that will put the officials under the microscope.

In the second quarter. Sherman was trying to tackle receiver Julian Edelman. Edelman's head whipped around, and Sherman was flagged for a 15-yard facemask penalty.

But instant replay showed Sherman grabbed Edelman's shoulder pad, not his facemask.

We're sure to hear about that this week, especially since the Patriots went on to score a touchdown on that drive. But it didn't hurt Seattle in the end as the won 31-24.

It comes following Monday night's play in which Sherman collided with Bills kicker Dan Carpenter on a field goal attempt. Sherman was not flagged for unnecessary roughness by the refs. The NFL later said Sherman should have been penalized and he was fined over $9,000.

Sherman has been a vocal critic of the NFL this season over officiating, among other things.