SEATTLE -- Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been fined approximately $9,000 for unnecessary roughness for his controversial collision with Bills kicker Dan Carpenter Monday night, Pro Football Talk reports.

At the end of the first half, Sherman flew in from Carpenter's right in an attempt to block a 53-yard field goal. He collided with Carpenter as the kicker was into his motion.

Sherman was called for being offsides, but the officials did not blow the whistle until after Sherman and Carpenter made contact. Sherman said after the game he kept going because there was no whistle. He also said he was going for the ball, not Carpenter. He tweeted out a photo that showed his hand on the football.

The officials did not call unnecessary roughness on Sherman, but the league later said he should have been. That would have been a 15-yard penalty.

The Bills ultimately did not make their second attempt at the field goal. The Seahawks won 31-25 after the Bills' 4th and goal pass in the final seconds fell incomplete.

The hit on Carpenter has led to quite the war of words this past week. Bills head coach Rex Ryan called out Sherman. That prompted Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll to advise Ryan to "coach his own team."

Carpenter's wife and Sherman even got into it with each other.

Sherman also mixed it up with Deadspin after the website implied Sherman should have been flagged on another play.