The annual CES tech convention began on Tuesday, Jan. 9 in Las Vegas.

The theme at this year's show seems to be about connected devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

But as these voice-activated devices become smarter, are we giving up our privacy? Elliot Weiler from Consumer Reports has a warning. "All these devices collect data and then share it among other companies."

Amazon, Google, and now Apple want to link everything in your house. But, all three say the devices only collect data when you "wake it up" with a question.

"You have to have a voice command. For Amazon, it's 'Alexa, tell me the weather.' For Google, it's 'hey Google what's on TV tonight,'” said Weiler.

Consumer Reports suggests reading the privacy policy. All three companies admit they record and store portions of your command.

Just a few things that Amazon, Google, and Apple say they plan to do with those voice-activated devices? Enable your toilet, control your thermostat and make your shower or bath water whatever temperature you want it to be.

"So, this idea that these devices around us, the things we use on everyday basis are getting smarter and are connected that is the overall arching theme at CES this year”, says Weiler.

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