No doubt about it, it's been a rough few weeks for the lakeshore. The snow and bitter cold has impacted everyone and everything, from our animals to our roads.

The Ottawa County Road Commission can use a little break. It's been a brutal few weeks of snow and ice.

"We've had overtime for pretty much all of December, a lot of holidays, they've been working Christmas and New Year's. We're about 50 percent of the way through our salt allocation for the year so far, last year we didn't even get close to reaching our salt allocation," said Zach Russell, with the Ottawa County Road Commission.

With chilly temps continuing no matter how hard these drivers work, some roads will be slick.

"We use salt and sand on the hills, intersections, and curves but as soon as the temperature starts to get down there, it gets ineffective," Russell said.

"We start to use more of a salt sand mixture but even if we are salting or sanding the roads, they're still very slippery."

It's slippery roads that have left Michelle Kenat in a bind. The founder of BestPals Animal Rescue Center had volunteers cancel left and right.

"They're watching the weather, they're watching the snow, they know it's going to be a bad day," Kenat said.

A lack of volunteers leaves dozens on animals with a little less interaction.

"They need to be brushed, they need to be worked with, they need to be played with," Kenat added. "That way when people come through the door to adopt, they're like, 'Oh what a great group of animals, they're so nice, they're so friendly, they sit on my lap' and that's all because of volunteers.'"

"If enough people [volunteers] came we wouldn't need so much, we'd share the load."

If you are interested in helping Kenat care for these animals for some time throughout the day you can contact her at:

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