West Michigan has been stuck in a weather rut for the last several days, but this will all be a thing of the past when we're basking in sunshine and the 70s later this week!

A strong low pressure system anchored itself just to the south of our area for several days, with multiple bands of rain traveling east to west that caused major flooding issues in many spots, especially on the east side of the state.

This was an unusual sight as rain typically travels from west to east as storms are steered by the prevailing westerly winds.

When disruptions in the weather pattern occur, it usually takes a large scale storm to come along and jumpstart the normal wind flow -- Hurricane Matthew is doing just that. This intense storm currently spinning in the Caribbean will gradually move northward along the Atlantic coast of the U.S. As it does, the surrounding wind field will absorb nearby weather systems and put others that are slightly farther away in a holding pattern.

Live blog: Tracking Hurricane Matthew

As the forecast currently stands, Hurricane Matthew is projected to travel on a generally north track during the next few days, staying just clear of the US.

This will allow high pressure to build in across West Michigan during the next few days. The sunshine we'll see means warmer temperatures. Highs are expected to warm into the mid 70s. If Hurricane Matthew slows down along the east coast, that could allow for even warmer air to move into the area.

We will continue to monitor this storm and keep updating our forecasts both on air and online.