Snow lovers, rejoice!

Snowbirds, time to go!

The first reported flakes of the season are falling Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016, in Newaygo County. Viewer Rebecca Guizar sent a photo of light snow, with trees that have yet to drop their leaves in the background.

Another photo sent by Amanda Glover in the Big Rapids area shows a blanket of white.

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Snow is falling Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016, in Bitely, Mich. (Newaygo County).

A storm system pressing into the Great Lakes region is making for a wet day, but cold (enough) air on the north end of the system is causing some of the rain to transition over to snow north of the Grand Rapids metro area.

Only light snow accumulations are possible, if that, with highs ranging from the low to upper 30s. Relatively warm ground temperatures aren't helping the cause for the snow to pile up, either.

The average first day of measurable snow in Grand Rapids is Nov. 8. The city's earliest snow happened Oct. 7, 2000, and latest was Dec. 5, 1948.