November usually conjures up memories of cold, blustery days, and the threat of snow just around the corner.

This November, Grand Rapids has yet to fall to freezing temperatures, and the next week will be sunny and mild.

Is this promise of another mellow West Michigan winter?

Not exactly.

The first three days of November brought partly cloudy to overcast skies, and averaged out to 22% sunshine. Given the average sunshine for the month (based on the 30 year average) is 29%, the month isn't far from climatology.

While Fridays' sunshine as well as sunshine forecast for the next six days will boost that average...the stretch of sunshine can't be directly correlated to the rest of the month or the winter seasonal outlook.

Recent November months have included a lot of sunshine for West Michigan. November of 2015 finished as the fourth sunniest with 51% sunshine, and November 2012 was the tenth sunniest with an average of 43% sunshine.