Showers and the occasional thunderstorm are pushing through the Grand Rapids metro area, making for some ominous-looking clouds.

National Weather Service meteorologists warn of the possibility of cold air funnel clouds, which usually form in a cool air mass -- much like the one today, Saturday, Oct. 1.

These funnels form high above the ground, with cool and windy air mixing with winds coming from another direction aloft.

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They warn: "... funnel clouds normally appear with little or no warning. They are typically spawned from cumulus clouds that may not even be tall enough to produce thunder and lightning or even rain.

"Cold air funnel clouds are generally weak and short lived ... and vary rarely touch down. Those that do reach the ground become weak tornadoes (winds often less than 50 mph) that generally produce only minor damage."

There is no existing threat of severe weather for the day and generally, only showers and the occasional rumble of thunder are likely.